• SonyaStewart

Freedom of Speech IS Important!

I miss the early days of Facebook, when it didn't matter if you engaged on feeds, you didn't have to pay for more exposure &  didn't have to deal with adverts etc.  Nowadays it's a very different ball game, there seems to be far more control over everything whether it's on Facebook, YouTube etc. for business purposes.  Based on your searches, adverts will appear based on what you have searched for.   How I long for the days when there was freedom of speech on the internet.  As time goes on, it can be more 'controlled'. There was an interesting video I watched on YouTube  -  https://youtu.be/bkfoL9afMcM  - David Icke had been interviewed two years back, speaking about freedom of speech, and now he is no longer on YouTube due to ‘repeated violation of policies’.  So in these uncertain times with COVID  19, it would be nice to be able to speak your thoughts and not feel that it is monitored in any way i.e. freedom to express opinions. I understand there has to be a level of monitoring etc. With the internet there is so much information you can find, anything you want to find out about, but I truly feel that there should be a larger element of freedom of speech, as long as you act responsibly, without feeling confined to monitoring, rules and regulations. With the current situation of COVID 19, there is need for much more opinions and freedom of expression to allow for more open-minded communication, that allows 'food for thought'. I have seen through the years from my dealings with social media, many changes, many more restrictions.  Through arts and creative freedom, there should be allowance to express thoughts without concern that articles etc, will be removed due to so-called 'violation policy', what is known as ‘conspiracy theorists’ are basically different viewpoints/understandings/perceptions- there should be allowance for freedom of expression and to let people make up their own minds based on the information given. It would be interesting to start communication on what others feel on the subject. Do you feel there is so much more restriction & lack of freedom speech?

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