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Holy Wars - Sonya Stewart
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Holy Wars Ft. Sonya Stewart
Believe In You Ft. Sonya Stewart & Josiah Ruff (Music Production by Richard Ashford / Mixed & Mastered by Tom Cooper)
I'm In Love Ft. Sonya Stewart (Produced by Tim Smith)
Only Takes Once Ft. Sonya Stewart & Steve Winch / (Rich Ashford Music/Production)
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Photos By: Sonya Stewart


This is me

Hi. You have a very unique and epic sound. Your music is very enchanting with a voice like no other to back it up, I'm loving it; much success!"

- LYNX, Reverb.

"Spirit Candy"

- Franknose, Reverb

Influenced by Madonna, Massive Attack, Portishead.  Sonya grew up in the ‘electronic age’.  Started off with a ‘gifted ear’ at 5 years old playing some tunes from the radio, which later developed onto creating songs.  When she recorded a couple songs locally, the studio owner recognised potential in her tracks & later she went to work with him in the studio on some ideas.  His name was Alan Benzie, who encouraged her to bring her ideas forward & helped towards setting up recording facility at home to build on her ideas.  Over time, starting from using fruity loops, she studied & self taught herself with putting together ideas from bass to various overall production & song ideas.  She ended up singing in some cover bands to help with finances.  Including working at the studio with her ideas with Alan.  This was a ‘stepping stone’ in her development years, later developing her own facility.  She then started with a couple websites & later learned to develop the social media side, realising that it all ties in.  From music, networking, image etc.  A lot of photos/videos are self created, & she met various musicians on the web as her networking skills & websites grew including globally.  Also going onto collaborate with some that she met, who are excellently talented individuals.  All was a learning curve to bring her to a stage in her life where her music ideas have developed into a multi-dimension of pop/electronic ideas.  She loves listening to lots of music, which also inspires her new creations.  Along with her insights, networking, collaborations her music & sites have now become further established & she is enjoying the journey. 


Collections of these ideas are integrated within this site & links to others are included at the home page. Fans are welcome to share/purchase her music/subscribe to keep updated with any further developments!


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Insta photo September 2020

Natural photo taken in September 2020.